Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hunter was baptized!

Hunter got baptized! Her sister, Skyler is next to her and their nephew jumped in one of the pictures
Rushed email today...busy p-day. We went to the Brigham temple bright and early. Then we went to Costco and then went to the Roy rec center to work out. Then we went and did zone yoga (p90x yogax). Nobody really came except six of us, but that’s ok. Now we are emailing for a bit then going to do haircuts.

This week has been good. Hunter got baptized! It was a good service. She had many family members from other faiths there, so the Restoration presentation from Elder Coronado and I while they were changing was effective; I hope. We didn't have much enthusiasm, because we both had a fever at that time. We were both sick for a couple days.

Friday was probably the most sick I have been my whole mission. At the dinner appointment, Elder Coronado ate and I sat on the couch trying to hide from the light, because it made my head feel like it was going to close. He got a split, and I slept at the stake president’s house that night from six to nine. It was weird. It started in the morning, so I took a power nap at lunch and woke up, and it was worse. I took headache medicine and took another nap, and it got worse. Then went to dinner, and it just kept getting worse and worse. Well, we are better now thanks to resting on Friday for me and then Saturday for Elder Coronado (that’s when it was worse for him). I hate staying in on my mission, but this was one of those times when we didn't have an option. I think it was a migraine, but I never really had one of those so I don't know what to compare it to. We just have colds now, so nothing really that slows us down.

So, two of our more solid investigators got baptized, so our teaching pool is slim right now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another week has flown by!

Another week has flown by! As usual I don't have much to say. I feel like I just barely emailed home yesterday.
This is William. He is the handicapped kid we are teaching. He is getting baptized mid March.
Last week Elder Samia (assistant) came out on exchanges with us for 24 hours. He served in West Point a year ago, so he brought us to a couple families he had built relationships with. Both were excited to see him and both set up appointments. One of them is tonight. The other one was Saturday, but they didn't open the door. I guess it's just not their time yet. He thought we working well, which is good to hear, and being as productive as possible. I needed that. Not having tons of experience in the English program, I kind of wondered if we were just spinning our wheels on some things, but he said he thought we are being productive even if sometimes it doesn't feel that way. I guess, as usual, I just need to learn to find joy in the journey and recognize the little bits of progress that occur.

So Cecilia got baptized! She had told us on Monday she was ready, and we set everything up and told auxiliaries and everything. It was a small service, but that's ok. Chris didn't know he could baptize people until we told him, then he got really nervous when we asked him to do it, but it happened. Then we suggested bishop confirm her, and she agreed to it. He had visited her the week before on visits for ward conference, so him confirming her should create a little bit of a bond. (Cecilia is the one we have been teaching for a few weeks. She was living with the Vallette family, and so Brother Chris Vallette {in the picture} just got the priesthood six months ago and was able to baptize her this past weekend.)
This is Cecilia. The recent convert she is standing next to is Chris Vallette. He was able to baptize her.
Cold cereal is the best way to celebrate a baptism. (It's not considered sweets.)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elder Bassett,
Here is a pic from my stake conference assignment. He's doing well, serving as the ward executive secretary. He also has a girlfriend.
Love you,

No pictures, but still a faithful letter writer!

I feel obligated to start my email off apologizing for not sending pictures. I keep saying I will do better, and I don't do it! I just don't think about it during the week honestly. I even started carrying my camera around with me, and I still would forget that I had it.

So this past week has been good. They seem to keep flying on by. Sister Erikson called me this week to ask me some info. to verify about going home, so that didn't make me happy. It's sad how fast it's coming to an end.

No new people were found this week, but we did hear about a couple new names of people we hadn't heard of before which doesn’t happen often, so that was good. Maybe we will be able to find some members to help us work with them soon.

Cecilia has been doing better. She gets closer to her answer every day. Taegan still wants to get baptized, and he will be with his mom this weekend, so he can go to church this Sunday. His mom, Kellen, has still not talked to Taegan's dad to see if he is ok with him getting baptized, so we are praying he says yes.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you thank you for sending your wonderful son to Utah!  We had the pleasure of feeding these four wonderful young men!  They are awesome and such valiant servants of our a Heavenly Father!  We love them!  Hope you enjoy the picture!

Curtis and Alyson Child
West Point, Utah

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I joined you in the fast, and so did Elder Coronado!

Elder Coronado and I will be staying another transfer together in West Point.

In the home stretch, I am working harder than ever. Sometimes, I am disappointed I am not more physically exhausted; I wish our work was more physically demanding to make me feel more accomplished. Maybe they should take our car away! JK, then I would just wish we had a car all over again.

This morning we had transfer breakfast to let everyone know the changes in our zone. For the most part, things are staying the same. We are losing Elder Clarke and Elder Singleton, though, and gaining an area with sisters in it. President wants every zone to have sisters. The new sister is an stl (sister training leader... like a girl zone leader) and is white-wash-training. She is a great missionary; we are excited to have her in the zone. Numbers in the zone have not improved at all from last week. We had a zone study last Thursday to set baptismal goals for the month of February and gave everyone a wake up call about what needs to happen for us to meet our goals. Our new goal for this month is ten as a zone. It is very doable; that is one baptism per companionship. Elder Coronado and I re-evaluated and set a goal of two for this month. I felt like we weren't pushing hard enough, but then again, I pushed last transfer, and we didn't hit our goal, so it needs to be one step at a time.