Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another transfer has gone by already!

This one has been the fastest so far, I think. Elder Plowman and I will both be staying together. Elder Pyne will be going north to Temple Boulevard with Elder Saldaña. He will be living in the same house as Elder Ward and Elder Ward's new son (he will be training). Elder Pyne will only be there for like three weeks and then get transferred back down to Argentina since his visa is here. The reason for the wait is they want to send them down at the beginning of Argentina's transfer. Yesterday, we were at the office for some meetings and heard that Elder Pyne was going up north and talked to the assistants about it. They need Elder Pyne to go save Elder Saldaña's mission since Elder Pyne is such a stud. Once he leaves, Elder Ward will take over with him and try to help him out. Elder Saldaña is only just over halfway through his mission. This transfer is when the entire Idaho zone will be taken into the Pocatello mission. So we are losing some good missionaries including Elder Burke from our zone. It will be pretty different without having Idaho and Star in our mission. Sad day. I will have to go back and visit after the end of my mission.

So this week was a good one. I forgot my list of everything that happened this week so we will see how this goes. This Sunday we went to the baptism of a girl named Danny. We found Danny knocking doors about four weeks ago. She was batting for the other team at the time and gave us some attitude about how unaccepting we were. We had a frank, doorstep conversation with her and invited her to get baptized for three weeks later, and yesterday she got baptized (by the English missionaries). It’s always cool to see the fruits of our labors even in other people's areas.

Francisco also got baptized this Sunday! He switched to his new ward. It turns out his x-wife is the first counselor's new wife, so after some commotion there, he got baptized. We didn't make it to that, but he was baptized by Elder Senn. Side note, Elder Senn will be co-training! So I will have a half-grandson!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a beginning to the week!

Last week pday was a great start to the week. We went on another two-week shopping trip, so we don't have to get more rides, and someone paid for entire cart!. Then on the way out, someone gave us two trays of raspberries. So it was a good Costco trip.

So first thing off is Frank. He is ok. He found a house and has started two solid jobs. He still isn't smoking or doing anything wrong, but his new house is half a block outside our area. So we called Elder Senn and sent him a baptism! They were pretty happy when we passed off that referral. We talked to Frank a couple times and will still go to his baptism and everything.

Last Saturday, we went with the youth and helped them clean the whole chapel. It's tough to motivate youth to come clean the chapel, so we told them they couldn't play soccer after unless they helped. We got a good turn out and got it done in thirty minutes. It had been raining all that day which made soccer even more fun but a LOT more humid.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We would appreciate the extra prayers for....

Ward Service Project
So I got to talk to my family on Sunday! I pretty much told them all the interesting details from the week so this may end up being a shorter email today.

This morning has been a very adventurous one. We had been ready to go help some missionaries move since last week. We helped our housing coordinator get the trailer all ready for about an hour this morning and went to go help the elder move. He texted us and decided he didn't want to waste his time moving and said, “Don't touch my stuff; I'm not moving.” So after talking to President, he got his way, and we had to push it off to another week when someone can convince him. SO, that was frustrating…learning patience one day at a time! Ha-ha

So this week we went to do service on Saturday. We got to this big park and were spreading these huge piles of bark across a dog park. (And there was a tractor right there across the street! I wanted to tell someone to go get the keys.) We were there for a couple hours before leaving. Then right after that, we had a soccer activity in 90 degree whether. We were very sunburned and very exhausted. That morning we had played ultimate Frisbee with the zone for exercise on top of that. We all have some very lovely farmers tans now.

So close

It's always fun to hear about Taylor from people living in Ogden. This is from one of our Mesa Missionaries-Tara (Morton) Hart:

So my husband and I fed the missionaries yesterday here in Ogden and I asked them if they knew Elder Bassett and they said yes. Apparently he is serving just down the street from my house! I'm going to be on the lookout for him. Also the missionaries said the kindest things about Taylor and they love serving with him.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just watched them put up Moroni this morning!

This week has been awesome! It started with a lot of people dropping off the face of the earth, and then finding a ton of new people at the end of the week. The first thing to report on is that we did a special musical number in sacrament meeting. There are seven elders in the ward. The bishop had asked us to sing, and then he told the other elders, too, which is kind of where the problem was. It so happens that two of the elders in our ward are the most tone-deaf people I have ever met, ha-ha. So we sang, and it was pretty awful. I may have said this story last week, but I couldn’t remember so I threw it in because it was funny. It was hard for the three of us not to laugh...it was really, really bad. So they probably won't ever ask the missionaries to sing again, ha.

So we had exchanges this week. I went to my greeny area with Elder Norton. Elder Norton used to be my zone leader in North Ogden. He is an awesome planner and a very smart worker. It was good to show him around to some of the people I used to teach, so that he could have some where to start since they are in the processing of white-washing still. It was weird to see all the familiar faces and roads. I realize more and more, though, how much I dislike exchanges. Something about not sleeping in my own bed just drives me crazy and being away from "home". Maybe it’s just because I have such good companions and don't want to get away from my area, but I always get so stressed the whole day before exchanges. But it ended up being ok; so that’s good. While I was on exchanges though was the really stressful thing.