Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coming Home

So nice to have all our family there to support Taylor and family in other parts of the country supporting him in heart. We love you all!

We have a fun video from that afternoon, but Emily also took these pictures and shared them with us.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This week has been really good.

Time is flying by but at the same time seems to be moving slowly. It is a really weird feeling being this close to going home.  Your brain can't decide to be excited or just really sad and nostalgic. Either way, I am excited to see everyone again. I am working hard my last two weeks and will try my very best to look for miracles as Tyson counseled.

This past week we had zone conference and all of the trainings were great and things that the mission needed. We are definitely still doing tons of finding which is a good way for me to keep working hard. Carlos came back for his one week off work and now is gone again for two weeks, so I said goodbye to him. After his divorce is final, he will probably end up getting baptized with his wife like two weeks after I leave. Adriana should be getting baptized soon if everything goes to plan.

The district is doing well. I went on exchanges in Monte Vista last week, and this week I will go into Temple Boulevard to help do some finding there. Then next week, my last exchange will be with Elder Salazar which is awesome. I think we will go see a few of our Monte Vista recent converts if we get time.

A lady named Maricela that I taught in Monte Vista is finally getting her divorce done! So she is going to get baptized hopefully the last Saturday before I leave if everything goes well with the court, which it never does, but we are praying hard. That will be a great way to finish off.

There's not much else to say. I guess I will see everyone pretty soon anyway.

Love you!
Elder Bassett

PS Elder Larsen is from Dallas...where he is from, they call the dome..."the death star."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference!

So conference was great! The letters are getting shorter, so the only thing I can really think of is general conference. I drove down for priesthood session but ended up missing half of Saturday afternoon, because of a bad signal, so I need to catch up on that. But other than that, I got to see it all and loved it! On Saturday, I sat with the "trunky group," a bunch of missionaries that are going home in the next couple months. The part about hero's from President Eyring made me tear up…which is impressive since he didn't even cry, and he always seems to cry when he speaks. It made me reflect on my mission, my companions and President Hiers in particular, and what I have learned from him the past two years. It was a very trunky night. Elder Plowman ran into his brother and dad, so that was pretty weird.

I don't have my notes right with me, but one of the things that most stood out to me were not slowing down once I get home. I decided I couldn't ignore it. One of the questions I needed answered was what to do to keep my "spiritual high" when I get home; there were several talks that answered that by just saying to keep going. Obviously, I plan on relaxing a little at home, but I don't really want to slow down at all as far as work ethic or studying or anything like that. I feel like I worked too hard to learn how to do those things just to throw it away or kick back as soon as I take my badge off. I know that's probably an obvious thing, but it meant more coming from the Spirit. I also learned I need to decide on the people I am going to serve once I get home, particularly my brothers. I am not exactly sure what I can do, but that will be a big focus of mine this summer since I will be around them a lot. Now that I think about it, will Amanda be home all summer, too? That's it for trunky revelation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well another week in the greatest mission in the world has flown by!

This week Eustolia and her two kids, Luis and Nayeli, got baptized. Abel is her youngest, but he isn't old enough yet. They are pretty solid. The other family we have the picture, the husband isn't there. The sisters were teaching them, and when we got in, we gave them a baptismal date then found out they live on the border of our area, and it might be in another ward. But the two stake presidents don't agree on whose area it is, so the sisters that border us have been going by to take over. We just talked to President Reyna, and he will talk to the area seventy to figure out whose stake/ward it is in. It doesn't really matter to me as long as they don't have to get switched back and forth; they are already pretty bugged that they will have to start going to a different ward now possibly.