Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another transfer has gone by already!

This one has been the fastest so far, I think. Elder Plowman and I will both be staying together. Elder Pyne will be going north to Temple Boulevard with Elder Saldaña. He will be living in the same house as Elder Ward and Elder Ward's new son (he will be training). Elder Pyne will only be there for like three weeks and then get transferred back down to Argentina since his visa is here. The reason for the wait is they want to send them down at the beginning of Argentina's transfer. Yesterday, we were at the office for some meetings and heard that Elder Pyne was going up north and talked to the assistants about it. They need Elder Pyne to go save Elder Saldaña's mission since Elder Pyne is such a stud. Once he leaves, Elder Ward will take over with him and try to help him out. Elder Saldaña is only just over halfway through his mission. This transfer is when the entire Idaho zone will be taken into the Pocatello mission. So we are losing some good missionaries including Elder Burke from our zone. It will be pretty different without having Idaho and Star in our mission. Sad day. I will have to go back and visit after the end of my mission.

So this week was a good one. I forgot my list of everything that happened this week so we will see how this goes. This Sunday we went to the baptism of a girl named Danny. We found Danny knocking doors about four weeks ago. She was batting for the other team at the time and gave us some attitude about how unaccepting we were. We had a frank, doorstep conversation with her and invited her to get baptized for three weeks later, and yesterday she got baptized (by the English missionaries). It’s always cool to see the fruits of our labors even in other people's areas.

Francisco also got baptized this Sunday! He switched to his new ward. It turns out his x-wife is the first counselor's new wife, so after some commotion there, he got baptized. We didn't make it to that, but he was baptized by Elder Senn. Side note, Elder Senn will be co-training! So I will have a half-grandson!

Yesterday, we had a training that was for zone leaders, new trainers, and new district leaders. It was opened by President and he killed it! He was bolder with us than I have ever seen him and made sure that trainers were doing the 12 week program with their greenies. A lot of people have been asking him what his expectations for us...and he announced that. Two things he expects are:  1-become better Christians and 2-have fun (joy in the journey). It was Memorial Day so he talked about his dad and how he was a colonel in the navy; and although, he didn't always agree with him, he respected and loved him. I think he was hinting that's what we should do when we don't always agree with other people. He also talked about missionaries being able to change. He saw the big problem in our mission of people getting one impression of a missionary and then assuming they won't change. Lots of experiences in the mission allow for a lot of change, and we are hindering their repentance by having bad reputations/feelings towards others. It was really good. Then we were trained on some other stuff. Elder Ward trained on companionship unity, so that was fun. He had us answer trivia questions about our companions and stuff like that.
They surprised us after mission leadership conference and took us bowling yesterday. Kind of weird, but we had fun!
That's Elder Poaha-Pali, my favorite missionary! Mom, he apologizes for forgetting to write to you on mothers day, ha-ha. You will meet him one day I am sure. He is a good missionary.
This week was Elder Plowman's 20th birthday. That was lame, because that means Elder Pyne and I can't make jokes about how he is a teenager, and we are men and stuff like that. So we started to play a modified version of rock, paper, scissors this week to decide who prays. (We pray a lot.) We call it odd man out. We do rock, paper, scissors and if we all do something different or the same then we go again. But let’s say if two of us have rock and the other paper…then the paper has to say the prayer. So when Elder Plowman walked ahead of us, Elder Pyne and I set a pattern to do for like 15 times in a row. We convinced Elder Plowman he just had bad luck until he caught on to the pattern, but then we decided to change the pattern and STILL got him. Eventually, we told him though. Four days before Elder Plowman’s birthday, he got decorations so we decorated the apartment and built him a cake with 20 candles. Elder Graham and Elder Ward came over to sing to him. The neighbor came and asked us to be quiet right after that, so no more birthday singing.

Elder Plowman's birthday party, and the pig we ate at the party with Angel. It was cooked with two buckets of lard and made you want to die it was so fatty. Elder Pyne had to make himself throw up after we left. 
The two travelling trainers went to every companionship in our zone this week. They reported back to us, and that was good to figure some things out. Last night during our farewells to Elder Pyne (since he was packing), we gave him some ties.  He gave me one, 100% wool tie in brown plaid. It is pretty hideous. I definitely won't be forgetting about Elder Pyne. And he still has the tie that he, Elder Ward, and I have in common.

I did an impressive feat this week. We went to 7-11 to get gas, and I got mini donuts. Elder Plowman didn't think I could fit seven in my mouth, so I did. I almost choked to death, but I got seven. After that they wouldn't compete with me to try and beat me. They just gave me the gold medal. Also, yesterday was 50 cent Slurpee day. YES. We are going all out since next transfer we are going to stop eating badly (yeah right).

So this week Liz and Vanessa have been eh. Vanessa decided Saturday night to go CAMPING. Who does that? So no Vanessa at church. Liz stayed home and was going to go. We even went by in the morning, and she said she would go. Then she texted us and was going to go visit her son in jail instead. The night before we brought the Rubio’s to a lesson with her. She opened up and said a personal prayer with us there. We just knelt by her and prayed, and she was crying a lot, but she always cries a lot. We talked to her about how she needs to be consistent this time and endure to the end. The difference this time has to be sincere prayers. We haven't seen her since then, but we will go by tonight and try to be patient with her. Her son gets out of jail tomorrow, and she wants to bring him to church. He will live out of the ward boundaries, so that will be a tough one to handle.

Angel and Ana have been good. Angel has made a better effort to not drink this week. We had one solid lesson with them. They prayed together as a family! and felt good about it but still have struggles. We got them to be pretty honest about baptism and that they were working towards it, but they just want to wait a long time. Good thing we are so pushy! They went to church, and it was the most irreverent sacrament I have ever been to since it was a farewell for Roberto. Then third hour was good; it was like it was made for Angel. And the best news is Natalya was in a good mood so we convinced her to go to la guarderia! So they could go to class with only one baby this time (Emiliano), and he is always a happy baby.

This is Angel.  We went to their neighbor's birthday party; that is why he is dressed up. asi

I'm trying to get a picture with Angel's daughter, Natalya, but she didn't cooperate.
The mockery temple trip happened this week, so we are glad that is over with. We taught Kristina and Jairo last week, and Kristina is working on Sunday but praying for a solution. They have really good desires and want to work towards baptism, but Jairo works a TON. It’s so hard to ever get him at home. They are cool though and really honest with us.

Sergio dropped us this week when we went to go see him (we were on our way to drop him), and we have been struggling to find new people this week. Really unsure what finding will be like this transfer. Looks like we are knocking the doors again, probably. We had a stake correlation on Sunday. They are going to give the leadership in our ward a little bit more training which is much needed. We didn't have ward correlation this week, so we weren't able to talk to our ward mission leader about why he still didn't do any of the help needed column or visit anybody… until next week. I think he is just avoiding us now, too. You would think it would be easier to just go get it done!

Well I think that is all for this week. We are excited for another awesome transfer. Elder Plowman and I will have lots of fun. I am very happy to be staying in an area even if it’s this one. I am the only elder in a couple years to stay in j2 zl for this long, because it’s such a small area, but I am happy.
I love you all so much!
Elder Bassett

This was zone breakfast this morning...sorry neither picture turned out that well…but…  All the way on the left (looking at the picture) is elder vance..then elder torres..I served near him in idaho..he is from socal..really cool..then in front with the striped shirt is elder burke..he is tranferring to the idaho mission..he is an 18 year old..then the navajo with the spiked up hair is elder norton..you have seen him before..he is the new travelling trainer...in between elder burke and norton is elder lew..one of presidents assistants..then you have elder henitz on the other side of elder norton is elder heintz the other assistant..then the mexican guy in frontish is elder coronado..the big tall guy behind me is elder thorn..he can dunk really well..he is awesome...then elder plowmans next to me..then elder pyne is in front of him..sister macmillin and sister lolofie are in the front..then elder grey is elder norton's son..he is the one by elder plowman..in front of him with the hoody is elder kelly...he is from california and staying in his area..elder white is leaving..he is next in pros clothes..then elder gancho is on the end..he is staying and very very angry about that.

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