Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another new area, but not for long!

My new companion, Elder Bozarth, a visa waiter headed to Spain.

First week in Mt. Lewis Alpha!

It has been a slow week. Christmas feels like it was so long ago. Christmas was kind of just a bad day for everyone. We all got our calls over with then just felt depressed all day. But we made up for it by going for Costco the next day for our half p-day. I just went for it and got muffins and an ice cream bar; since Jessica suggested it, I thought it would be appropriate. We had like five meals on Christmas. I didn't eat for the first two, because my stomach was bugging me so much about calling home, and then didn’t eat much at the last few. We played games at Pres Reyna (counselor in mission pres) during the night, then went home and went to bed early.

Kind of weird to skype your family. It's weird, because it feels like you just talked to them yesterday, but then you hang up and you realize it will be months before it happens again. All of us felt like it slowed us and down this week, and we are ready to take it up a notch with the new year.

I made some resolutions and that was cool since it’s the only full year I will ever have in the mission field. Anyone want to give me another new year’s resolution? I know that sounds weird, but I made one extra bullet point by accident, and I have to fill it.

Ok so then the week went well. I had my first district meeting. It went well. I emphasized loving your companions first, then your investigators. Tomorrow's should be a little more exciting; we are playing that game that mom did where you take a random object and connect it to the restoration in a minute. We really need help on contacting so I am grateful for my pre-mission training, mainly from Elder Mackie, on how to do a street contact. There were several other missionaries that helped me, too, but he sat me down and wrote a layout, and I am using it for the meeting tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

We have a fairly young district. There are only two missionaries that have been out longer than me out of 8 of us. I like that since the other district is all older people. DLT's are pretty tough. The other district leaders are pretty bad examples, and it’s hard for the zone leaders to teach anything. I wish I could learn in a better environment, but they are both going home next transfer. 

Our area hasn't been too exciting yet, because it's mainly just finding. And a lot of people have been out of town…maybe it will pick up this coming week. The ward is pretty huge compared to Idaho. There are a couple people I will tell you about since they are really our only investigators right now: Manuel and Ramon. Ramon is 17, and it’s rough with him right now because of his padres. They are pretty catholic and just said they aren’t a fan of him talking to us so we will stop by and see if we can get to know them better. If we bring Elder Martinez, we will be fine. Most Hispanics don't like two white guys coming over, but if one of us is Hispanic, they are a lot more likely to invite us in. Manuel just got back from Mexico. He has some goals for the year, and they are to get married, go to church, and get baptized. His girlfriend is not too interested, but I am sure she will be happy if that means we want them to get married. They have a 2-year-old son who is the loudest child I have ever seen and never stops yelling and running in circles the entire lesson. It makes things pretty frustrating.

Other than that we are going through the all the lessons get cancelled phase...it happens a couple times a day, but we will find some solid people eventually. We are going to die once these visa waiters leave and our area combines. It takes the other elders an hour just to get to their area since we can't ride our bikes on ice, and that’s all it is right now. We walk all day long and talk to hardly anyone since no one is outside. It feels so unproductive without a car; most dinner appointments are 5 to 10 miles away so we usually try to find a ride, because that is a long walk. The members of the ward all live in areas where there are no other Hispanics living out there. This is the first time in years this area hasn't had a car, but it’s because some sister missionaries crashed one up north, and they gave it to them. Maybe eventually we will, but for now we will just do our best.

It’s COLD outside! High of 35 for this whole week with a wind chill; it is very, very cold. I always took a car for granted I guess. The boots have really been helpful; we walk through snow several times a day.

We tried this thing this week where you pray for an hour. That was cool; you learn a lot of stuff. There haven't been any really crazy good lessons this week just lots of finding, so no exciting stories about that. The little girl that saw the family on skype said that I looked exactly like my dad. And she said that I have really good Spanish, so I like her. She just got baptized a month ago.

My companions are doing well. Still no word on the visas of the two Spaniards...but someone went home so they might be emergency transferred pretty quick, and that will be very disappointing. 

We had interviews this week...still short. I think mine was the longest one out of all of us at like four minutes. I guess we should be happy he doesn’t need to talk 15 minutes for us, but it’d be nice to talk to him a little more. I guess I am forgetting about how busy he is.

I was praying about how to get to know the Savior more, and I got the same answer I always do, and that’s to read The Book of Mormon. I am always doing that, so I always expect something different, but that is always the answer that I get. I guess I need to read it more. I have a goal to read it six times this year so that will be good. I don't know if that will be English or Spanish; I will have to see what happens.

We didn't stay up for new years...there is no way I would do that. I am already dead tired everyday. You would think I'd get used to the missionary schedule, but I am tired all the time. I am trying to avoid sickness since everyone in the apartment, but me has the flu so hopefully I won't be next.

It is awesome to have an apartment full of obedient missionaries. It's too bad three of them are going to different places. Hopefully, this new influx of missionaries will kick things into gear. Next week I will send you some pictures, I don't have my camera with me or any pictures on there, really.

I love you all and hope that you are doing well! Keep President Hiers and the future investigators here in your prayers.
Take care,
Elder Bassett

PS So I got a couple letters yesterday from 12 days ago and someone else got one sent 18 days ago. The office holds letters for way too long, but please don't stop writing!

Mom-I just got Jessica’s bookplate yesterday. They just wait to send it for long periods of time in case we come by to get it. Can send me a Christmas card that our family sent out? I want to see what it looks like.

It sounds like [the family is having] a fun trip. I forgot my list at home, so I will have to be creative with this week’s letter since I don't remember anything. Can someone tell whether or not carbonation is bad for you and why? This is a very important topic in our house right now...and yes wikipedia is a trusted source.

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