Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Throwing down your weapons of war

So Elder Ward and I learned an important lesson this week that we would like to share with all of you. If you use dish soap instead of dish detergent in the dishwasher, it will NOT work, and it makes lots of unwanted bubbles on your floor. Just some advice we wanted to throw out there.

So we got a new investigator a lady named Maria. She has a husband and a son and daughter and her grandkids all living with her, but the first lesson was just with her. We just did a quick how to begin teaching type lesson planning to do the restoration with the rest of her family, which unfortunately still hasn’t happened yet. But she loves us probably more than anybody I have met in the mission. She is probably like 60, and before we left, she talked for like ten minutes about how much she loved the spirit we brought and our charisma, and good looks, and the way we dressed, and were educated, and professional. So we have this lady in love with us. She really wants us to come back for one reason or another; hopefully, we can get the rest of her family all together so they can get baptized together.

So, R- has been good. He came to church with us again on Sunday with his crazy son. We have taught him the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom this week. He has problems with everything in the word of wisdom except tea, so I guess you could call this a worst-case scenario. He was pretty surprised to find out we wanted him to quit smoking completely and not just slow down a little bit. He has already replaced coffee with soda, and honestly, I'll take it if that’s the best he can do, and he is down to a "little more" than five a day smoking so we need lots of prayers for him. Teaching him is the funniest thing. He prays in Spanish, but we talk in English. He invents his own adverbs and puts them at the beginning of every sentence. He has perfect English; so it’s not like he has an accent. He just uses his own, invented word choice. The only way to understand his English is just to listen to every other word and figure out what he’s saying. We are pretty happy to be teaching our first Ogdenite. Especially since our area borders J1:the Ogdenite capital. It is the only place in the mission where the English missionaries cover only one ward, and it’s the highest baptizing area in all of Utah. Ogdenites EVERYWHERE.

It is a really, really ghetto area. I will definitely never take my family back to these apartment complexes that we tract at. There is one that the doors on the outside are all locked probably to keep police out, honestly, but we found a door around back that goes to the laundry room that someone broke so we got in that way. Walking in the stairs and to the different rooms I feel like I'm in a Jason Bourne movie or going to visit a gang boss or something.

We played Frisbee last p-day with like 18 people, and it didn’t go as well as it could. Nobody was really trying and just wanted to play football, but oh well, Elder Ward and I had fun, kind of. It was worth a shot. So we met Elder Plowman’s parents. They were at Brother Rubio’s house when we went by to see him, and then Madison was there, too so that was pretty crazy. I didn't know his parents beforehand, but obviously I knew Madison. That’s always weird to see someone from home.

Elder Ward and I taught a zone study, and the AP's decided to come so the pressure was on. It went well. Fast version: we just went through when the anti-nephi-lehi’s first threw down their weapons, then buried them, then left that land...then their companions gave them the land of Jershon and protected them with their armies so they wouldn’t break their covenants. We very, very boldly, but still lovingly, questioned why we couldn’t be like them and show enough charity to protect our brethren (fellow missionaries) from breaking their covenants. Elder Ward threw in a few "How dare you's!” and told his full conversion story which he has only told once ever before since it’s pretty crazy and shows the importance of the Holy Ghost. Then I talked about Arizona and my "trainers" and where they are at now, and how their obedience as missionaries led them there. It was good. I think the missionaries in our zone, and the assistants, too, will start to be more obedient. Elder Ward and I were just happy, because we prayed really hard to have charity and felt like we did as we taught it and sincerely wanted to help them.

So we went to Kneaders...sooo good...unlimited french toast. We have a kneaders next door to our apartment. We also went to Olive Garden for lunch one day. Elder Plowman and I had a breadstick eating contest and that was after two bowls of soup and a salad. I ate 12 breadsticks for the win...yum-yum.

So we sang to a bunch of college girls. That was interesting. Weber State was having a relief society thing so the assistants called us. There were six missionaries. The sisters were in the chapel listening to their bishop talk about the armies of Helaman, and then he started talking about modern day stripling warriors. As soon as he did, they started playing "We'll Bring the World His Truth" as the six of us walked in from the back singing all the three verses with the guy speaking. I was behind Elder Lew, and he sings almost as well as Elder Maxwell. He is amazing, and all the girls were crying…probably because they are all waiting for missionaries. Then we left.

SO this morning we had a very interesting experience. We went to my very first apartment of my mission to clean it out. The missionaries are finally being moved out, because of the cockroaches. (After about a year of having that problem.) So we went and took all the furniture out. When I lived there, we always joked about how awful it would be for the people who had to move the huge couches out of those tight doorways; then I was the one who ended up doing it. Let me just say that how we fit all three of those couches out is a mystery. Most of the time, it was wedged/stuck at an angle, and I just had to hit it with my shoulder as hard as I could to get it out, but after two hours we got all the furniture out, and they are vacating that apartment.

This week has been good. Elder Ward and I still need to be more productive in studies and in planning since we get so distracted talking, but we are working on it. We are tracting about three to four hours everyday and are almost 25 percent done with our entire area. With an area this small (smallest in the mission where we cover three English wards), there’s not really another type of work than that. There are 11 Spanish visa waiters coming this Monday. Then two weeks from Monday, we are getting 12 new Spanish missionaries. Only two older missionaries are going home. I have no idea what they will do. They will have to split almost every Spanish area in the mission. Eight new sisters are coming in, and we only have seven sisters here including the visa waiters. They are saying they might start sending Spanish to English. I hope that’s not me. I do NOT want to serve English. I have no idea how they are going to have that many Spanish here. Well, I love you all, hope all is well.
Take care,
Elder Bassett
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