Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The work is progressing; there's so much to do here.

So last p-day was pretty good. The three Cache Valley zones all ended up going to one park, and we played volleyball, football and ultimate Frisbee. Elder Ward was there, and he is doing very well in Idaho. They had four baptisms last week and have three this weekend and a lot more coming. He has so much work he doesn’t even have time to cover his zebra Spanish work which I would guess the Preston Branch is pretty unhappy about.

The next day we had our first district meeting, and it went fine. There are some young missionaries in my district, so it will be a lot of practicing and role-playing. I went on exchanges for the next two days. The first day, I went with Elder Coronado, and it went ok. We didn't teach at all, but we worked the whole time. The next day I went to Elder Mark in his area. We went to go tracting in the trailers. They have been telling me how their area isn't good enough since we started to find people in ours, and they want to trade and all this stuff. So I was determined to find some work for them in that 24 hours. The first door we knocked was an old man named Ramon. We taught him a lesson, and he accepted a baptismal date and volunteered to come to church. It was the most fun lesson of my whole mission except maybe Robin's law of chastity lesson. So Ramon is deaf; the only way he can hear is if you yell as loud as you can. So we taught him in the front yard the whole first lesson in ten minutes yelling at the top of our lungs. As we approached the first vision, I wondered if he would feel the Spirit since we were yelling and half laughing because he kept saying "what?!, what?! what?!". But we screamed the first vision too and he kind of jolted and said it gives him the chills. We connected it, invited him, and he will get baptized in three weeks. I had so much fun with him; I made sure to schedule their next appointment for the next morning so I could teach him again before we ended exchanges. We found him a fellowshipper and brought him to the lesson, so hopefully that should get them started on some work to do. I hope everything works out with Ramon.

So one day last week, we were waiting for our dinner to pick us up, but we didn't know what they looked like, because we just call them the night before. So they come get us and after about five minutes of driving, we realized that he picked us up instead of the zone leaders who live up the block and had to go home and switch with the other guy that went to the zone leader's house; it was kind of funny.

So we found a new lady this week named Ana Moto. She is a new investigator but is really shy and unsure right now. She is worried a lot about us pressuring her and doesn’t want to go to church just yet. So Sunday night we kind of tricked her a little bit into coming to an FHE. We said since there is no man in her house we wanted to a lesson at someone else’s house, and so she came and then there happened to be 15 other members there. We did and FHE, and I think she actually liked it even if she wouldn't have agreed to it in the first place. (Before I forget, Liz was supposed to get baptized on Sunday. Everything was set up and then the night before she went out dancing with a guy and never came home until Monday and then lied to Elder Plowman about it. The good news is that Angel and Ana invited them over for dinner.)

So we have kept doing splits with members every single night which I can't tell if it is completely worth it when we don't have lessons. It's so much faster contacting referrals with them driving us around, but they talk SO much. It's hard to kind of cut it off and move on, but at the same time, they are getting to know them and doing their job it just makes our job slow down a ton. I have learned from the members that I need to be more persistent, though. When people aren't interested I usually just ask for referrals and move on, but the members get so worried and ask why and invite them to all the activities and ask them three or four more times to let us teach them. It doesn’t ever work, but I guess at least the nonmembers see how important the message is to them.

We have one guy in our ward that is really hard to take, because we want him to come since he knows every Hispanic in Logan, and they all absolutely love him, but he talks more than anyone I have ever met. We went to one house, and the lady was nice and said she had taken the lessons and been invited. We talked about the Spirit and getting an answer, and she was just like, “Sorry elders; it’s not for me, please go…” then he went off for fifteen minutes about archaeology, and we just didn't really know what to do but sit there and smile and nod.

We had an English musical number this Sunday that was very, very interesting. It was an opera version of Oh My Father and there were several points where I jumped, because she got so loud singing. It was English, but I didn't understand one word, because there was so much vibrato. It was funny to see the way all the Hispanics were reacting when I am sure they were all thinking, "Do all white people sing like this? This is awful." The talks were also both in English that day. One of them, the guy gave a five minute summary of the movie Karate Kid; he never connected it to his talk, and I still have no idea what he meant by sharing that.

We had a very interesting ward council. It was 2 and a half hours and the last 20 minutes was missionary work. The first part was about scout camp and refreshments, mainly. After all that work in Jefferson 2nd, now I’m back to square one. We talked to the bishop, and he will start doing missionary work first before everything else so we can leave after. The worst part was when the bishop turned the time over to missionary work, the relief society president, young woman's president, and primary president all stood up and walked out. So we will need to work on that somehow.

We had one investigator come to church named Miguel. He is 8, and his parents are not members. We tracted into his family, and his mom said she wants him to do it, because it’s good for him. So she will drop him off at church every week, but she won't stay because it's not really her thing. That's really interesting. It worked out well, though. As soon as we walked him in, we grabbed another eight year old and he put his arm around him and brought him over to his family. Miguel had a good time.

I was nominated as the primary pianist...no idea how they found out that I play the piano. It will be interesting; it has been a long time. I stumbled a lot, but I know they can't tell the difference.

I can't remember if I talked about Lenny. He is a nonmember, so is his wife and kid. He lives with him mom right now, and she is a less active who was baptized a year ago. Lenny and his wife and kid are all interested in getting baptized; although, we still haven't met his wife. They slept through church which is too bad...people have a really hard time with 9:00 church on Sundays. But his mom and sister did come so we had two less actives at church. His mom didn't know he wanted to come, so she didn't wake him up (he blamed it on her). We have picked up a couple other new investigators, but no one that looks too promising. We are still working on lots of offended people and things like that, but things are quickly progressing.
Four distinguished older men waiting for the bus to zone conference.
We had zone conference yesterday, and it was fantastic. President taught for more than the first half of it which I have always wanted him to do rather than have the assistants do all of it. He came up to me after to make sure I recognized he took my feedback. He did a good job and said it would be more like that from now on. They didn't tell us anything about the dress code, President hadn't even looked at it yet and said to wait until they let us know which probably means they won't. Ok so one thing...backpacks aren't professional enough, but closed toed sandals are? I really hope he says we can wear backpacks still and not wear sandals, because closed toes sandals on elders look awful.  

We got to go to the temple this morning. It was Elder Salazar's second time ever going through. We are eating very well this week thanks to Aunt Laurie and the huge box of meat and potatoes she had shipped to us, thank you Aunt Laurie! The other two elders are apartment searching right now so there is a chance they could be moved out by next week.
Not even sure what we're doing here; they just told me to do it.
12 week training is fine. I don't know if  you know this, but I think I am the only one in this mission who has never been through a transfer without doing 12 week. My first two transfers I was trained and since then I have been training. So I get to do 12 week a lot which I actually really like.  I think that's all for now.

I love you all!
Elder Bassett

PS Hey I got your package…thank you so much it was all perfect. I didn't get the thank you cards.  The chocolate wasn't melted so I'm not sure how, but they are great! And the hair stuff is perfect, thanks again for that. Oh…and I don't even know what gangnam is they just told me to do it..what is it? 
Our landlord had a grill....wow. It was so good! Thanks Aunt Laurie

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