Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There go Mom & Dad's dreams of having Taylor become a doctor

At the Martin Harris Pageant with Elder Coronado!

I can't believe that next week I will be emailing you with transfer news. Time is flying by so quickly. Especially this past transfer; it has been the fastest one of my mission. This week there have been a couple tough changes in our area that made things kind of discouraging. First thing was we went by to see Lenny and Neri, and they said they were moving the next day to North Logan. So they moved, and we sent the referral up and haven't heard from them since then. Then we talked to Hernan, and he said he won't be coming back from Wyoming for at least another month. Then last night Ana called and said she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. So that kind of happened all at once, ha-ha, but we are still working. I must be calloused or something, because it wasn't nearly as devastating as Ana and Angel. By the way, an update on them. It turns out that Ana had been lying to us, and she was the one convincing Angel not to get baptized. In fact, Elder Plowman has one of Ana's friends getting baptized this weekend. When Ana found out, she called her and said she wouldn't be her friend anymore. So I guess Ana had been lying that whole time and been the one trying to stop the whole thing, but Angel just didn't want to blame it on her. That was pretty disappointing, but Elder Plowman is more patient than me, so it's probably better that he handles it rather than me.

We did start talking to one new guy named Ceasar. He is 18 and is dating one of the seventeen year olds. He got here from Mexico recently and doesn't speak any English. So a couple weeks ago, he had come to church with his girlfriend, and we went to talk to him in English. He just laughed at us and walked away. So we thought he was just a punk, BUT it turns out he doesn't speak English so he just kind of laughed and walked away, because he didn't know what we were saying. So that was kind of funny to realize, but we talked to him, and he said he works and plays soccer all the time but would be interested. He actually came with his girlfriend to a family night on this past Sunday. It was mostly adults so I think they were kind of uncomfortable, but I am still glad that they went. Every Sunday night there are about three families that do a family night for us to invite people to and whoever teaches the lesson chooses the next person to teach the lesson the following week.  I was chosen so any cool object lesson ideas that can entertain 20 people and a few little kids is what I am looking for.

We had kind of a fun event last week after district meeting. We went home and decided to make burgers (thanks Aunt Laurie!). So we were down in the basement getting the food out and sent Elder Salazar up to turn the grill on. On his way down, I guess in his excitement to eat hamburgers, he jumps down the last few steps. What he forgot to realize is that there is a sharp corner as the ceiling turns down. So from the kitchen we hear a loud bang, and he walks in with blood everywhere. I was grossed out and didn't really know what to do, so I just went and made the burgers while the other two elders took care of him. After three of us ate, we got a ride to the doctor, and he got seven staples in his forehead and somehow it got leaked out to the whole ward and that's all anyone would ask him about on Sunday.

So that night we were supposed to go to the Martin Harris pageant again, so he stayed home to rest with Elder Mark while Elder Coronado and I went to the pageant. (I was smart enough to bring a sweater this time so it was a little better.) They set up nine missionaries to go without cars, so we had to find a ride up there which I feel bad doing. Once we were up there though, we didn't have a way to get around because the host family we were staying with was busy. So after the pageant ended at like ten o’clock, Elder Coronado and I walked to the host home about a mile from the pageant up a dirt road while the long line of members drove past honking and waving to us. Once we got there it was good though, because like I said last time, the host house leaves out a ton of food for us, so it is like staying at a hotel. However, putting nine elders in one house is never a good idea especially when they are all talkative and don't want to go to bed and on top of that the water heater is small. We got up earlier than everyone though and used all the hot water (still working on charity) and left to go back home before anyone else would get out of bed. Then on Saturday, Elder Salazar went up with Elder Mark and I stayed and worked here with Elder Coronado.

Sacrament meeting was rough for the ward. There was a Mexican kid leaving from an English ward on his mission so we had about 30% of our attendance of last week which meant we taught elders quorum and primary. Like I said, I might as well have been called as the pianist, because they come and pull me out of priesthood every week to say ,"Sorry we couldn't find anyone else," when I know they didn't really look, ha-ha, but it's ok. I like doing it; the kids are more fun. There is one girl that comes back and bangs on the keys, and everyone turns around and thinks it’s me, because she is too short to be seen over the piano. At point, I jumped up and ran away from the piano to prove it wasn't me since the banging kept going when I wasn't in front of the piano.

Ok, so the update on Angelica is actually kind of good news. I told you about her last week how her husband has her on lockdown and won't let her talk to people. Get your tissue boxes ready. So yesterday, we went to teach her a lesson, and she started showing us a video on her phone. It was of her two little girls crying and talking about how they wanted their Dad back, because all he did was sit on the couch and watch TV and on his phone and facebook and won't talk to them. The six-year-old had a part where she said, “I have always had a dream of my family going to the park and having a picnic, but Daddy doesn't even love us.” So Angelica recorded that and left it on her phone so when her husband got home from work to inspect her phone he would see it. She thought he would get mad, but it turns out he cried and didn't say anything about it. I guess right now he has a virtual relationship with a woman living in the Dominican Republic and has been considering leaving his wife and family for her. So Angelica has lost hope and wants to kind of start over, but we talked about how the gospel changes people. I talked about the Rubios and Elder Salazar talked about his family and how his grandpa changed because of the gospel. It wasn't what she wanted, but we told her we were there to fix her family not tear it apart. So we invited her to introduce us to her husband that night (last night). SO we were out walking last night and get a call from her that said her husband got a flat tire miles away from the house and needed someone to pick him up. So we called Brother Nelson, the most talkative guy we know, to come get us and then pick up her husband. We showed up, and he didn't want to at first, but he got in the car and we talked to him for a little and said we knew his wife and wanted to come by and teach the family. He said yes, but I think he was being fake and was mad she sent us, but we will see what happens in the lesson in a couple days. This is definitely a tough situation.

SO this week, I did what we call senior week. It usually happens in week eleven of training a new missionary, but just in case I am not with Elder Salazar next transfer, I wanted him to do it. It's just where he acts as the senior companion all week. Obviously, I still help him a little, but for the most part he makes all the decisions, sets up splits/dinner, and I don't remind him to do anything. So yesterday was the 1st day, and I give him feedback at night on how I think it went. He did pretty well; he didn't miss anything, but he kind of had an hour he didn't think about where we didn't have anything to do. It's a big change for him, because we got home from a morning lesson and had to do studies, but I just sat down and didn't tell him, and we didn't start for like another hour. The idea is that he can learn how to be obedient, get things done without me making him or asking him to do it so it gives him the chance to prepare for a companion that might not want to do things, or where Elder Salazar will have to do everything if the other one isn't willing. It is usually a good week even if it is a lot more stressful for him. Last night, he set us up an fhe but didn't invite any investigators so afterward we talked about it, and I think he understood why it wasn't effective. He is a very good missionary. I hope we keep serving together, but you never really know what happens. Actually someone told me that we were staying together, but that could just be a rumor. I don't want to get my hopes up. One of the other things that he has to take charge on is starting lessons. Usually when you get to a house, the people will talk for like forty minutes before you even start with a lesson so you have to take initiative to start the lesson so he just kept glancing at me to see if I would start things and never did. He finally got it started, and I think the first day was just new for him and now he will start to take over more. This way, also, if we are together next transfer it can be more of the two of us working together rather than me kind of telling him how and what to do.

So we have been using facebook everyday. Just an update on what we do. We get on everyday for one to two hours (no more than that, thank goodness) to proselyte with people in our area and also friends at home. It is used only for proselyting. I'll be honest; it is tempting to get on it on p-day to look at people's pictures, but we aren't allowed to. I don't know about it really, I know a lot of missionaries are just looking at a lot of friends’ pictures while they should be working, but I guess those same missionaries aren't working in their areas anyway. I have talked with a few friends from home and although sitting in front of a screen isn't exciting, it is good to talk to some old friends about why on earth I would move to northern Utah for two years.

I think that is all for now. I love you all very much! Thanks for everything,
Elder Bassett

PS I got two packages this week! One with the new cards and the other with protein...thank you, Mom!!  This is looking a little ways into the future, but September 13th is Elder Salazar's birthday.  Can you keep him in your calendar and send him a package for his birthday?

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