Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time moves swiftly

Another p-day! This week has been great as always. Elder Coronado and I love serving together and are working hard in West Point. Today we got our suits dry cleaned, and it was definitely time.

So, recently I have been dragging out planning to be way long, so I wanted to get it done more quickly, in 30 minutes. So we started to do abs every night to motivate us to finish planning, so we can get to abs. It's funny how often it actually happens, and how often we get caught up calling missionaries in the zone, or fall asleep planning on the couch. I think it has only actually happened once in the past week. I guess that means we are working hard enough to be exhausted at the end of the day, or we are just very out of shape, because we ride in a car all day.

The no sugar thing has been good, we get offered dessert 1-3 times everyday and most people are ok with it, but they always need an explanation of why we are saying no. Some say good for you and others just seem unhappy that we said no to their dessert/candy. We ate with the Facers twice this week, and she hid all sweets in her house for us; she is the Kristiansen fellowshipper (one of them) and the ones we killed the turkey with at thanksgiving.
Our overabundance of vegetables with our chicken. Sorry, this is about the only picture I have on my iPad. 

I think fruits and vegetables lose the good effect if you eat an overabundance of them. We are so hungry at lunch time that we stack probably 8 servings of vegetables on top of our chicken breast. I sometimes wonder if it does any good to eat vegetables if I eat that many of them. We went through the Costco bag of chicken in 2 weeks though, so it's already time to buy more! Maybe the no sweets thing isn't the problem; it's just that we eat so much, ha-ha.

We met a few new people this week. The potentials we have have all been in West Point for 20 years and been invited by all the members that live by them before, so we just have to try to be their friends and keep encouraging the members to invite. We met one part member family this week (wife is a member), and she offered to cut our hair for free today so that is nice of her. We have a lot of new potentials but still no new investigators. Keep praying that we pick up new investigators!

Theresa is doing as great as ever. She is sick right now but still went to church anyway. She passed her interview, and they are starting to teach the convert lessons two weeks before her baptism, but she was really sold on the 25 of January and not sooner.

The Nielson family is reading The Book of Mormon and came to church this Sunday (all of them), and we made sure the ward overwhelmed them with hello's as soon as sacrament ended. (Thanks to our great bishop and wml Brother Crockett.)

By the way, our ward mission leader in that ward, Brother Crockett, served in Mesa 20 years ago. He stayed a few nights in the mission home in Scottsdale when he was an assistant. Back then the assistants in the Mesa mission didn't have an area and just travelled full time like I did here. That was a cool connection to make.

The handoff from the Nielson’s to the ward should happen pretty soon now that we got them to partake of an ordinance. We don't have a lot of instruction at all in our mission on how long to teach less actives, so we just kind of play it by ear.  Gavin came to church as well and stayed all three hours. He still gets really fidgety whenever we talk about baptism, but we just talk about it very often so he gets used to the idea. Last night we read Mosiah 18 about the covenant of baptism, and in my eyes, what it means to take upon yourself the name of Christ. Then we watched Datyon's Legs (Spencer, the boy in that video, is Gavin's age) and talked about what baptism and following Christ is all about. He and his mom really liked the video. Pray that his mom will want to come to church!

I still see Elder Salazar and lift with him every morning. He is doing a really good job in his area. Things are slow for us, but that's ok. It's supposed to be hard, and I probably wouldn't want it any other way. I plan on staying in West Point until I die, so I am comfortable here.

Tomorrow we will have zone conference and learn about our strengths and some other more missionary work type things. I am excited; I love zone conferences. There have been a few things to take care of in our zone recently, taking people's cars away for driving around out of the zone, people not working all day every day, things like that. So we are figuring out how to best remedy some of the situations. At the end of this week, I will do a three day exchange going into a walking area to get some things going in some elders' area that hasn't had any lessons/tti's/anything happen in several weeks. I know I am lazy, but I really don't want to walk, but oh well, it's part of life. I hate leaving my area for that long just because of seeing members at dinner and getting to know people and things like that, but Elder Coronado will take care of business and hopefully help the elder out that will be with him.

Last week, President Hiers came and did splits with two sets of missionaries in our zone which he does occasionally. We think it helped those companionships but just need to follow up on what he talked to them about and what feedback he gave them. Last week we lost a visa waiter who went to Brazil and got a new missionary that came back after going home temporarily. Elder Machado (one of the best missionaries in this mission) will be going home as his visa is expiring. They will combine his area with another in our zone, and we will have a trio. We hope things keep going well even without him; he has been the biggest producer of baptisms in our zone for a few transfers. Keep praying for our goal of 3 in our area. I hope we can pull it off; we are working to do it as hard as we can.

I love you all!

Elder Bassett

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