Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That is EXACTLY what we wanted to hear

We pulled over in Soda Springs to play in the snow for just a few minutes.

Let it snow; let it snow! It looks like it will be a white Christmas this year. Everyone says that the amount there is right now is nothing, and we should expect a ton more. I personally think they're all talk, but I guess we will see. Driving in the snow for the first time has been quite the adventure, especially in a two wheel drive Malibu with completely worn down tires. The first day that it snowed really hard we drove 45 minutes up to Soda Springs. It was like 10 degrees up there. We turned into one house/driveway, and I kept sliding and came within probably two inches from hitting the mailbox before the car caught traction and turned. Pretty crazy. We looked at the tire marks, and it was soo so close; we got lucky. Then on the way back, it was nighttime and while crossing a bridge we started to slide out and almost hit the edge of the bridge (50 foot drop) like three times as we slid back and forth..but we didin't...so whoever is praying for us keep it coming! ha-ha. I don't get why they give the other missionaries up north trucks except for us. There are a lot of people in the hospital from wrecks; the roads are soo so slippery. WE will be careful though, sorry to scare you, Mom.

So we started working with the Ventura family this week. They are less active. We have been by just to see if they are home several times a week for about ten weeks and never found them at home (or never gotten hem to answer), but the ward wanted us to go by so we would always keep trying. So we went in and the mom was crying talking about how she needs to come back to church, and her kids (all older, 17, 18,20) don't want to go anymore. So we taught something and invited her back. They didn't come to church. I can't remember the excuse, but it wasn't a very good one. But the big change was her 18 and 20-year-old boys. We met them several times, and they were always kind of annoyed we were there and weren't at all helpful. But while we were there, I gave her oldest son a blessing, because his hemophilia has been pretty bad lately, I guess. So now the boys are really nice to us. We haven't had a follow up appointment; the mom has flaked out every time; but now her kids are nice to us. In fact they gave us a present after we left the first time...50 presliced pieces of American cheese, delicious.

So Ignacia...well, we don't have the best news with her. I’ll run you through the story. So we go by for a lesson, and her husband opens the door. The guy who left her and the kids for another woman a couple months ago that we supposedly would have never met. So we didn't teach, the next day we went by and he was gone. She said he had jus come to see "his" kids and went back to his other woman. The next day we go back for a lesson, and he is there. He left his other girlfriend and moved in with Ignacia. We talked to Ignacia, and she is looking for a job for him and probably won't have too much time for lessons in the next little while, because she is so busy now. HE really doesn’t like us and he think he probably suggested that we aren't allowed over anymore. That was an awful day. I was just depressed and angry all day. All Elder Ireland and me could talk about was how we wished he had gotten mad and hit one of us so we could have Jack Bauer-ed him. So we have been back several times to give them food.

The senior center sent us home with 15 loaves of bread and 8 dozen eggs and ten pounds of ground beef the other day..."You're young growing boys; you can eat it!” so we gave some away to some of the families that are looking for work right now.

Ok, so the cool part of the Ignacia story. Brother Mariscal is familiar with Ignacio’s situation. I think I have mentioned before he is the Mexican tom sellek...well over six feet tall...and well over 200 pounds but he doesn’t have a belly just big shoulders. Ok, so we told our branch president the situation, and he immediately called Brother Mariscal to go have a "talk" with Ignacia’s husband. I think he was nice to him from what we heard. But he did sit him down and make sure that her husband understood the way Ignacia and her kids needed to be treated if he wanted to stay alive. I think he was a lot more subtle than that, but Brother Mariscal is a very intimidating guy. I would've been scared so hopefully he got that message, because us and the branch president are pretty worried about him living up here. I guess Ignacia finally broke down and called him and said she needed him and told him to come to her. So we will see what happens there, but it doesn’t look good.

So another really good story of the week was letting Maria and Rosa’s mom know that her daughters would be baptized into the Mormon Church in two days. Let's just say I have some mad skills, because I buttered that lady up and some how managed to break it to her without her killing us. So we are in Grace all day getting everything figured out. Maria and Rosa refused to give us their cell phone number so the only way we can talk to them is by driving up. So we finally got the program almost figured out. It was tough not knowing anybody, but Bishop Stoddard really helped us out. So we were driving back and thought I would have Elder Senn call Maria’s mom to remind her to be there (we told her about it last week, and she was mad because Maria and Rosa had never told her). And she flipped. She was yelling and saying she had no idea even though I am positive I told her last week. Anyways she was confused and said that she thought it wasn't for several more weeks. She said they were going to Salt Lake City for the day and couldn’t' do it. I took the phone from Elder Senn and said yes that’s fine we will reschedule it even though I knew we wouldn’t be able to, because the whole ward was already invited. So I told her we were coming to see her, and we flipped the car around and went to her house. For like thirty minutes, I just talked to her about how pretty her house was and her decorations and tried to butter her up as best I can. She really likes us, because we speak Spanish so it wasn't too hard. Then finally we broke it to her that the whole town pretty much already knew, and it was planned, and it needed to be that Saturday (in two days). She was furious with her daughters for not telling her (they weren’t home yet), but she wasn't mad at us, thankfully. While we were talking, Maria got home and her mom stopped smiling and gave her the dirtiest look I have ever seen. I just said ok well we are leaving now and the mom said no sit down; she needs to understand what she did wrong. So I sat down and we watched Maria get screamed at in Spanish for ten minutes. Some of the favorite sentences: "wipe that pretty smile off your face!" "Sit down little girl I am not finished!" "You will speak when I ask you to speak!"...So she was just mad that she invited all of Grace except for her mom. Elder Ireland and I were scared to death and Elder Senn just sat there laughing the whole time, because he laughs when he gets scared. That was a pretty interesting experience. So anyways they cancelled their trip to Salt Lake City and got baptized. Her mom was fine with the baptism; she was just mad that her daughters don't tell her anything. But we got it all figured out, and her mom came and made lunch for everyone. Hopefully her mom being at the baptism will make her have more of an interest, but she just isn't a big Joseph Smith fan, and the problem she had in Preston when she took the lessons several years back was she would have to give up her boyfriends. I guess we will see what happens.

Mission conference was this week. That was awesome! It is so weird that people in Idaho are like another mission. It made me sad to leave at the end and not be around all the other missionaries I know so well. Maybe that will change in transfers. That is next week, I am already having nightmares about what type of companion I will get...I hate transfers; it is so stressful. There was a talent show that lasted for about 3 and half hours and everyone was dying at the end of it. The trainings were all really good and every single missionary went home with a Christmas package. (Thank you Grandma! Elder senn loved his package.) I didn't participate in the talent show, but Elder Pali did so that was fun for everyone. He did the Hakka at one point with a couple other missionaries and got the crowd warmed up for the Samoan sisters to do their dance...he is a lot like the chief in Hawaii when he does his ko olina presentation… the way he talks in front of crowds. It was good to see everyone down there. Elder Plowman and Elder Ward are both doing well. I hope I will get to serve with at least one of them at some point.
Elder Plowman and Elder Woodward that I meet in the MTC plus a visa waiter!
This week has been tough...I have two boxes of Christmas presents, and I have to wait..it hurts to see them...but I did open both grandma's presents and loved the homemade fudge, granola, and hot chocolate! (Grandma Bassett) Peanut butter and granola sandwiches are my new favorite thing...I will get a thank you card out to grandma bassett but you can mention to her how much I loved her package...and the tie she sent me is awesome! I didn't have any green ones before so it's perfect.

So we almost had another really bad day last week. We came out of our lesson, and our car door was open, and the glove compartment and center console were left home. I had forgotten to lock my door. My GPS and cd's were gone, but they left my sunglasses, jacket, and camera so obviously they didn’t search the backseat very well. I was angry all day, and we even drove around a bit to see if we could see some motab cd's thrown on the ground since I knew whoever stole those probably wouldn’t be interested in them…but nothing. We went through the day with me in a bad mood for my own stupidity. I never thought that was even possible in Preston, ID. So at the end of the day our zone leaders called and met up with us, and it turns out it was them who took my stuff. We lock the car all the time now, lesson learned.

WE went to an English correlation this week where the missionaries were given five names of people who called and said they wanted to be baptized. Soooo depressing...the English missionaries are spoiled, but I guess we are in a lot of ways, too.

We met up with brother Silva our ward mission leader this week. He said I don't know what to do really, but I want to work hard and do whatever I can to help you. I know it won't be easy, but I am excited. That is EXACTLY what we wanted to hear. More people in the branch need that kind of fire. I hope he can get the branch a little excited about missionary work.

Roberto agreed to be baptized last night. The fifth of January. I should be more excited, but I know how tough it is to get him to church on his only day off when shopping in Logan is just so tempting for him. He has a lot of desire just not a whole lot of fire to act. We will see how things go with him; usually his lessons fall through so maybe things will start changing now that he has that goal in mind. Well, I think that's it for this week. I hope everyone is having a great almost-Christmas season! Ciao!
Elder Bassett

PS Talking to Elder Ireland..."yeah at the ysa conference this summer I learned..." Then I said, "Wait you went  to that? You HAVE seen my parents before,"...he remembered you after I reminded him that you were "the guy in charge"...he said he loved it, and I really missed out...Sounds like you did a good job!

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