Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Well this will probably be a short letter just to make sure we have stuff to talk about tomorrow. I’m not too exciting so I won't have much to say more than things about my area. We have been doing lots and lots of finding this week. And we just need your prayers and miracles to happen. WE are working hard and being as effective as we can. This area is all about relying on members and having them invite their friends so if they don't invite we don't have much to do since nothing usually happens when we just show up at doors, that's just the way it works in this type of area. We have been having fun together though...more about elder Coronado. He was born in Mexico, in Reynosa Tamaulipas. When he was nine he moved to McAllen (spa), TX and when he was 13 his siblings and mom and him were baptized. His dad hasn't yet so pray hard for him! He likes to make people laugh and his family is the main reason he came on his mission so they would be blessed. He is a great missionary; he really loves people and wants to just serve wherever he possibly can. I was his zone leader a long time ago in Ogden and then we lived together in Monte vista and now serving together, it's been fun. Our stake president is still awesome. Whenever we have a meeting with him we leave just feeling great and happy. He is very motivated and wants to double baptisms in the stake this next year so we need to go to work! WE are hoping the New Year will bring lots of excited members to do missionary work because right now they are all busy with the business that Christmas tends to bring. We are going to eat crab tonight so we are very happy. WE spent comp study tomorrow writing cards for bishops and wml's which is hard because then we feel like we need to do that for the relief society presidents, and then you can't leave out the counselors. But then the elder quorum will feel left out. It goes on and on but we settled with just those two groups and hoped it will suffice (also we didn’t have enough cards or time for that many people). We will try to be as effective as possible tomorrow but I have no idea what to do all day. At one point we are taking our zone to an assisted living place to sing to the people leaving there. I have to go pick up my watch today and I am scared of how much it will have cost to get it fixed. The knob had come off getting caught on a door handle I was walking by. So I took it in and the guy told me it would take ten days to fix it and I said ok call me and left my number. After a month I called to ask and he didn't know the progress so had to call me back and let me know later that it would still be another week. I can finally pick it up. People can sometimes take advantage because we were missionaries but I was still unhappy with the service so on the last phone call I asked him "Can I give you some feedback, sir?" I suggested more communication with customers especially after making a promise of ten days. He wasn't happy with the feedback I could tell but I did it in the nicest way possible in case he is a non-member or offended member but I don't even know how to handle that as a missionary. We have to drive through Riverdale today. It will be AWFUL. Everyone is talking about how bad the traffic has been. What used to be a ten-minute drive will be 40 minutes.ughhhh I wish we could wait but pday is pday. Ok well talk to you tomorrow family! Love you

Elder Bassett

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