Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry almost Christmas

WELL, this week I forgot to take any email notes on what to write home about, so I am drawing a blank already.

The Kristiansen’s are doing well. Pray really hard this week, and if we are blessed then Nicklas will be baptized with his family. The language barrier is tough, and he has no desire right now.

Theresa is still good on her date, but she doesn't know how she feels about coffee. Her husband will not stop drinking it (he is a member) even if we promised it would improve his health. It's sad to see how much they need it; no wonder it is against the word of wisdom!!!

Joshua was set to get baptized this coming Sunday as of last Saturday night. He lives with his anti grandparents but was going to spend the night with his parents to go to church with them. Somehow that didn't happen, and it looks like he is backing out now because of his grandma. I don't get it; his grandma watched her daughter and son-in-law change their lives, quit drinking, smoking, and fighting, they go to church every week, serve others during the week and are happy. And the grandma still won't let her grandson do this...even if she doesn't believe, how can she not see that this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. It is pretty ridiculous. The worst part is his parents have custody, but Joshua wants to live with his grandma, because she will give him a ride to school, buy him things, and he doesn't have to have any chores. So for a 14 year old, it is an easy choice to live with grandma and just not get baptized if that makes her happy.

A few other people have dropped off the list. We started teaching the son of a recent convert. His name is O'Ryan, and he is the craziest eight year old I have ever met. He has SUCH a short attention span. He forgets things within five seconds after you say them so it will be tough to teach him. I am not sure how we are going to do it. So last Friday, president called and said we were doing the Spanish training the following Monday, and he wanted Elder Martinez and I to train for 45 minutes on teaching skills. So the two of us got together. It took us about 1 and a half hours to decide what we were going to train on, but we agreed on asking questions in order to help people have more real intent with their commitments, like the way that Jesus Christ did with Peter.

Saturday night, it started to snow really badly, and president decided to not let the north half of the mission drive down to the training, so we just did the south half. We are lucky President Hiers cares about us so much. So this Wednesday, we are driving to Cache Valley to train the north half of the Spanish missionaries. We were also going to go to the temple today, but the pass up to Logan is snowy, so president asked us not to go; oh well. We are going to go bowling with the Kristiansen’s instead.

Well, I don't think much else has happened this week. Sorry I have been bad about taking pictures. Everything is snowy and cold. Yesterday it was negative two degrees when we drove to the gym, so that is pretty awful.

On Sunday, we went to a ton of ward councils, so we saw a lot of members, so that increased our visibility which our stake president is a big fan of. Other than that, we are still trying very hard to find new people, but it is not easy. Kind of just doing what we can and praying for miracles to fall in our lap. There are obviously lots of nonmembers but not ones that haven't been invited in the past couple months. Hopefully, something will change soon.

BUT…things are good. I am working still on being more grateful. I work on things for like two days, and then forget I am working on them. Last night, we shoveled snow, and I couldn't feel my chin when we are done; it is so cold. I do not like the cold right now, but once summer comes, I am sure I will want it back. I went on exchanges with Elder Cable last week, and it was 10 degrees outside. He wasn't wearing a jacket and wanted to turn the air conditioner on, because he thinks it feels good to be freezing cold. I eventually just started to slap his hand away and wouldn't let him touch it; I was going to be warm while we drove. I am not sick, so that is good news.

Love you all!!!! Merry almost Christmas!
Elder Bassett

PS This is from a conversation with one of our investigators:
Sister Kristiansen: What are you up to today

Elder Bassett: Haha; we are emailing our family…my mom said to tell you hi!

Sister Kristiansen: That is so kind of her. Tell her back that we are so happy about having you in our life. You two really know how the change people’s life to the better.

Elder Bassett (to us): Mom, they are the family I was always praying for…they really, really love us! Their entire countenance has changed since we started teaching them. They are the best…so much happier now. We are like their best friends. We get to their house and jump on the couch, put our feet up, and the kids run over to play with photo booth on our ipad, and we joke around like family. It is fun; we love them.

From Mom: That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm so happy. I am off to go visit teaching but so glad I 'talked' to you before I left!  Can't wait to read your email. And beg your companion for a picture for your mom. Or just lots of you and the K family. 

From Elder Bassett: Sorry, I will do my very best for more pictures next week.

From Mom: Love you anyway! Really have to go now! Late!

From Elder Bassett: Can someone email me an update on Grandpa Gene?

From Mom: Hi. I'm with grandpa right now!  He got checked into the hospital again last night for a little pneumonia, and they are trying to figure out what's wrong. He's telling me naughty jokes and says he's fine, because his sense of humor is still good.

From Elder Bassett: Good to hear he is still joking around. He should get a short note from me in a couple days. Thanks for the package for my companions. I don't know what I was supposed to do with all of it, but I kept two ties and gave the other two to them. They were just too great. I guess I'm seflish. Thanks though!

From Mom: Haha. You're so bad!  You can keep the ties for now, but after you open your present on Christmas, give those to them or someone else that needs them. Haha. 

From Elder Bassett: OK I already wore the red one yesterday. There was no instructions in the box; it's not my fault! I am bringing them by the office today.

From Mom: I'm just teasing. It is my fault.  I mailed everything and got home and found the instructions for your package, and the card for Loretta's package that said who it was from. Are there any pictures this week?  I'm talking to grandpa and haven't scrolled through all my emails. 

From Elder Bassett: daang you sent just kidding too late...I gave all four ties away. That's ok, I have plenty and sorry no picture last week or this week. It just never comes up, and I don't have a companion that likes to take pictures.

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