Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Buena Vista South

I guess I didn't have anything to do with my hands so I did this awkward prom pose with elder coronado and didn't realize until I saw the picture.

So I am going to Buena Vista South with Elder Larsen! Elders haven't served there in a couple years; it has always been sisters due to an incident with some elders in the ward...I am very excited. It will be an exciting time and great way to finish off strong speaking Spanish. I will be district leader over an all Spanish district. There are only two Hispanics and the rest are Americans, so we will need to just force the Spanish all the time in district meetings. I think it'll be more like Spanglish, but that's ok; it's better than nothing.

Yesterday, we had the usual start of new transfer leadership training. It was weird sitting in the dl group and looking around and realizing I was the oldest missionary in that room. Time really does fly by, and so do all the opportunities if you don't jump on them quickly. There are a lot of great things happening in the mission right now. I am excited to learn from my son Elder Salazar who will be my zone leader!

So this week we had a great St. Patrick’s Day. We had dinner with the Facers on Sunday, and they corned their own beef. I am not even sure how that was done, but it tasted great. We spoke in the tenth ward on Sunday, and I had the chance to tell everyone over the pulpit that the Kristiansen's brother is getting baptized in four weeks (in their old ward). That was exciting to tell everyone since they are so missed being far away in Denmark. We went over to Sister Facer's for lunch today to juice for the last time...sad day. That's ok, Provo isn't far, and I will be back to visit.

I am really, really drawing a blank on what has happened this week. Oh, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Garcia, my grandson. He is a great missionary and really wants to work hard. I was a little rusty being with him in his Spanish area. I hadn't tracted in so long. But the good news is I will have plenty of chances to do it this transfer!

We had a chili cook off in one of the wards on Saturday. It was awesome, because the Billmans are in that ward (recently returning family we have been teaching), and they brought chili and won the award! There were about 25 different kinds. He made his up; it had pineapple, mango, habanero and a bunch of other stuff and was sooo good.

We picked up a new very solid investigator this week named Sharron. She was being taught by the Syracuse sisters, and we started to take over since she lives in our area. We had a fast on Sunday for her parents to be ok with her meeting with us. (She hasn't told them yet that we know of.) We had a lunch on Saturday to start the fast off at the ward mission leader’s house. She is a senior in high school and has a strong testimony already; she just needs the family support right now.

We taught Anthony again this week. He and his girlfriend are living together, and we didn't know that; so they brought it up and asked how they can over come that to still get baptized. We said to split up or get married. He started saying how it was his intention to get married and have a family with her and that was their plan. He looked over at her and she said, "This is all new to me!" He turned red, and it was really awkward; they just decided to talk to her about it and let us know later.

Anyway I can't focus. I need to get home and pack and write a game plan down for the next six weeks. There's work to do.

Love you all

Elder Bassett

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