Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The members are planting seeds...

This is Jarron...he is 8; we taught his family, and he got baptized last week with the other 8 year old stake baptisms. His family will be on the road to the temple!

Yesterday we had MLC (a new version of zlc with the sisters involved). We had a round robin with three different trainings from some zone leaders. We were trained on retaining converts, using the scriptures, and planning. The idea is we receive those and then bring them back to our zones in a zone study this week. So that's what we will do along with Sister Noel (our STL in our zone). We also had our accounting on our zones goals and goals for next month. Our zone set a goal of 10 and had 8 baptisms, so we set another goal of ten for next month. Things are accelerating, and missionaries are picking it up, so I really think it'll happen this month. Lots of good things are happening in the zone.

And of course there are good things happening in West Point as well. We haven't picked up anyone new to teach; still just trying to get people to squeeze us into their schedule. I think I have finally narrowed down what I have been talking about the past few weeks. I think I just want to be more diligent, because we don't really know what to do during the day. So I want to feel overwhelmed, but right now we feel kind of stuck in nightly planning about what to do the next day. It is a good thing, because it gives me a chance to be a better planner which I will need once I get home and have nothing to do to feel productive and will have to do the best with what I have.

I am really working on love. I need to have more love for the people I teach. I mean, of course I do love them, but I just have room to grow. I hope to end my mission more lost in the work than I ever have been rather than slowing down to the finish line. I think the key to doing that is love, and that's what I am pushing for.

There are lots of members doing missionary work in West Point. They are planting seeds and inviting. Most of the seeds aren't becoming anything right now, but long term, it will make a difference. We taught primary for one of our wards this past week. We did the can lesson where you smash your finger with a can. If you haven't seen it, I will have to show it to you later. We talked about helping their friends build a foundation on Jesus Christ, so they can be protected and helped when bad things come and be happy like all of them are. They are going to start doing a missionary moment thing each week in primary, so we were there to kick that off.

On Sunday, Teagan made it to church. We found him a ride, because his mom still isn't coming. We want to get the members involved, but in this situation, it is hard, because she is a lot more closed up when members are with us. When we just talk to her at the door, or when her boyfriend is there, she is a lot more honest about it. We need to find a fellowshipper that can relate to her more and be her friend. So we are looking for a way to spark her interest. Either way, I think Teagan will get baptized at the end of this month.

Cecilia came to church last week. Until something changes, she still can only come once every other week. The ward is really fellowshipping her which I am so happy about. Still no recent convert lessons; I think that should start up this week.

We have been teaching the Shumway family. The husband was baptized two years ago, and we are helping him and his family get on the road to the temple. He is a good guy and does have a strong testimony and knowledge of what he needs to do. I think we are more there for moral support than anything. We are trying to get the ward missionaries to take over. Usually we ask them to do the lesson and then we get there and they kind of chicken out and ask us to teach it or just give a five minute home teaching lesson, ha-ha. But this last week we went to a missionary coordination meeting for that ward (we usually don't have time to make it to those meetings) and trained them all on lesson five, so now they just need to go practice it.

When we sit down and talk with the stake president on Sundays, we are  mainly discussing how people have desires but just don't exactly know what to do. It's hard for me to know how to change that, because there is no right answer and that's what everything is looking for. Members ask us, “So what do we do to be missionaries?!” or wml's ask, “So what do we do to have lots of lessons and baptisms in our ward?” And we can throw ideas around, but honestly it just needs to happen naturally to people we care about like Elder Ballard talked about. I guess I need to know better how to help them, because I feel like my advice doesn't ever really satisfy them or tell them what they want to hear.

Elder Coronado is doing very well. He is a great zone leader and really has a desire to help our missionaries and knows how to do it. He is especially good at exchanges and working with missionaries one on one which is the way Christ worked with people, so that's the most important skill to have. I need to learn how to develop some of his natural Hispanic love he has for people. Hopefully, if I keep serving with him, it'll rub off on me.

I think that is all for this week. I love you all and hope you are doing well! Oh side note, I don't know if I mentioned it…Anders (in Denmark) gave a 90 minute presentation at school on being a Mormon, and Kristina did all her visiting teaching visits this month, and they are getting excited for general conference. Love you!
Elder Bassett

PS Masima had a baby! That is so exciting!!!!

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